Secure Access

How you can benefit


Fast and secure access

Internationally networked companies want to make their applications accessible quickly and with the best-possible quality for geographically distributed (internal or external) users. With the CDN solutions used, even the high demands for security and compliance, such as authorisation and role-based access rights, are addressed.
Mobile users access the desired company applications from anywhere and at any time with any number of devices, which spares them high latency or packet losses
Example: A globally active transport company uses CDN for access to a web application that has to be reliable and quickly available worldwide in all its branches.

Reduced complexity

Companies with complex network infrastructures are interested in simple and cost-efficient solutions to make applications accessible to users. The slogan is "link users with applications instead of networks". This way, complexity and costs are reduced, the customer experience is improved and security remains ensured.
Example: An internationally active insurance group reduces its IT costs by dismantling its local web server infrastructure and instead uses CDN technology to give its globally operating agents access to important business applications.

Merging companies

When companies are merged (merger & acquisition scenario), the parties involved need quick and easily realisable solutions to give their users or employees access to the systems or applications of the other company. CDN keeps exactly this type of solution at the ready!
Example: After the merger of two Internet travel brokers, the reservations systems are made accessible to both parties/coupled through CDN technology.

Early recognition of threats

Threat Protector is a kind of Internet gateway that makes sure users and devices can connect securely with the Internet, no matter where they are. Threat Protector identifies, blocks and defuses risks such as malware, ransomware, phishing and data exfiltration before damage happens.
Example: Clients (IP addresses) infected with malware that had collected and removed data over the course of 10 years were discovered in a hospital.