Web Performance

How you can benefit


Customer experience: fast and reliable

Successful brands invest in customer experience. Using CDN sustainably improves the perception and the image of your brand: you can score points with quality features such as fast load times, even at distant locations, and 100% availability. Static contents are not delivered by the Web server (origin), but rather from the nearest available Edge server. Routing is optimised for dynamic content.
Example: Successful web shops and e-commerce companies use CDN to optimise their online customer experience.

Available and scalable at any time

CDN makes your homepage available worldwide. You no longer need additional data centres in geographically distant markets. Instead, you can serve them using the CDN infrastructure and can respond immediately to an increase in demand without having to make investments in your own additional infrastructure (web servers, bandwidth/connection). CDN Services includes global DDOS protection as well as protection against hacker attacks such as SQL injection.
Example: An international company with a presence in China uses CDN to make its website available worldwide in good quality and has only one origin server in Switzerland.

Optimised preparation and presentation

Save yourself costs and headaches by outsourcing the administration, preparation and delivery of your digital images to the CDN. Image Manager automatically delivers the best combination of image size, quality and format depending on the browser, screen size, device and connection speed. The converted images are stored on the CDN and provided from there. This allows you to reduce the number of images and save on data storage and bandwidth while simultaneously improving the customer experience.
Example: The operator of a website with lots of images uses CDN and thus saves the expenses (agency costs etc.) needed for device-appropriate content provision.

Digital Performance Management

Real-time user monitoring provides you with information on the visitors to the website or application and makes it possible for you to understand and improve their online experiences. Polished Digital Performance Management (DPM) software can be used to highlight correlations between business metrics such as online turnover, conversion rates, page views, accesses and page drops. You gain valuable knowledge from the data gleaned and can derive measures to improve the profitability of your business.
Example: With the help of DPM tools, a web shop highlights that by accelerating the page by 50%, the drop rate decreased by 30% and an additional turnover of 1 million was achieved.