Swisscom customer data for your success

With Swisscom Contact you receive accurate, up-to-date customer data for your databases or CRM systems. Perform quick and easy queries via our API or upload your database to the Contact Match Center. Your data will be checked and verified using the latest AI technologies. We guarantee the comparison of your valuable data within seconds with the highest possible quality.

Contact Audit


Update a sample of your data or the entire CRM database to quantify modifications and hit rates. Find out what changes have been made to your data and implement measures to remove outdated and incorrect data records. You can either use our advanced APIs or upload your database securely and easily to the Contact Match Center, in order to obtain aggregated and anonymous statistics.


Contact Update


Enrich your existing data records simply and quickly with our API. We compare the existing master data sets with the latest Swisscom customer data and deliver accurate, inexpensive updates. You are missing some fixed network and mobile numbers, for example? Do you need an e-mail address for your e-mail marketing? No problem – with Contact Update you get the correct and complete contact data of your customers.

Contact Change


Changes of address when moving, changed telephone or mobile numbers, new e-mail addresses – your customers may move without telling you about it. Remain up-to-date at all times and use the fully automated reconciliation of your valuable data. With Swisscom Contact Change, we ensure your customer contact data is always up-to-date and accurate with the help of our API.




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A Word on Privacy

All of the above services leverage very sensitive customer data. Whilst aiming to provide unmatched service for our customers, it is of utmost importance that they are always in full control of their personal data. Therefore the services require explicit consent of the end user and you must live up to the highest standards of privacy protection. We know how to handle these challenges and can implement a solution for you in no time. Once set up is completed our joint customers will enjoy an online experience of unprecedented simplicity.