Direct Carrier Billing

With Swisscom Pay, all Swisscom mobile phone customers have the opportunity to pay their purchases easily and securely with their NATEL® bill. We offer you a modern payment method for your eCommerce business.

What are the arguments for Swisscom Pay

All leading online stores work with Swisscom Pay.

State of the Art API technology

Minimal integration effort

Immediate use without registration

5 good reasons for Swisscom Pay

Cancellation rate

The shopping experience will be significantly improved in your shop. Customers can pay immediately with Swisscom Pay, without registering and without a credit card. This reduces the number of cancellations and improves the conversion rate.


Personal data no longer has to be entered and the payment process is completed automatically via the NATEL® mobile telephony contract (post and prepaid).

More Traffic

With Swisscom Pay you not only receive an alternative payment method for your shop, but also financially independent customers. We guide NATEL® customers directly to your POS and, with the help of campaigns, can generate new customers and increase customer loyalty.

Low risks

We check in real-time if your customer is authorised, thereby avoiding unnecessary returned debits


Convenient, flexible and secure payment collection from customers, irrespective of whether they use a smartphone, tablet or a gaming console to make their purchase.



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