Wholesale Identity

We value Swisscom’s Data to make the digital journey of Swisscom Customers frictionless, more fluent and secure. Our unique data enables growth, trust and security for your business. Contact us today and get a quote on how to plug our REST based APIs through our online Marketplace.

SIM Card

Prevent the risk of SIM Swapping, account take over and other fraud attempts with real time information tied to the SIM Card its associated device.



Accelerate the onboarding process for your first-time users and benefit from the resulting increased conversion rate by automatically completing registration forms with reliable user information.

Data matching

Improve the data quality of newly registered accounts and lower the risk of fake account creation by matching with the customer account data held on file by Swisscom in real time.


Fine tune your risk decisioning models with subscription or contact information of a user line.





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How to work with us

1 Contract with our Team

Prior to any subscription, a contract between you and the identity team must be setup.

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2 Subscribe to the API

Once you have been granted access, you can subscribe to the API.


> To the API


3 Start using this API

Integrate the API in your application. We will always be there to support you if needed.

Data protection is not just a word

Swisscom customers will always be in full control of their personal data. The usage of our services requires explicit consent compliant with the latest Swiss Data Protection policy. Our team supports you in the process of finding an adequate use case.

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