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IP Peering and Transit

IP Peering and Transit

Our offer includes IP Peering & Transit connectivity via 1GE and 10GE connections to different locations in Switzerland, Europe, North America and Asia.

What we offer

  • Transit

    IP Transit offers global Internet connectivity. Different profiles and models are available (flat fee as well as usage-based). If required, we can also make an offer that includes protection against DDoS attacks.

  • Interconnect Peering

    Interconnect Peering offers connectivity to the Swisscom end customer base. This is a share-based peering model, which includes a certain amount of free data traffic. If one of the parties exceeds their share, it has to provide compensation to the other party.

  • Basic Peering

    Basic Peering offers connectivity to the Swisscom end customer base. Different profiles and models are available (flat fee as well as usage-based). In addition to private peering we also offer public peering via Swiss-IX for smaller bandwidths.

  • Caching

    A combined collocation-peering model in which the customer provides and delivers contents for the Swisscom end customer base over servers (customer-owned hardware) in the Swisscom data centre. A limited peering capacity is included in the offer in order to fill the servers with contents.

Our strengths

International Internet backbone

Worldwide > 300 peering partners

Professional backbone and peering-management guarantee first class performance

Proactively managed Internet backbone with regular quality tests by CNLAB*

Reliable, DDoS-protected backbone


* Independent technology company that focuses on Internet technologies

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Interconnection points

International interconnection points available on request. The Service Access Point (SAP) is
on the interface of the IP-Plus router/switch. The customer is responsible for organising
the connection between the customer router and IP-Plus router (cross-connect).

Basic requirements

The following requirements must be met:


  • The customer accepts the Swisscom Peering Policy
  • The customer has its own AS (autonomous system) and own IP addresses
  • The offer is only available via the given exchange points
  • The customer is responsible for the connection between the IP-Plus router/switch and the customer infrastructure
  • Other conditions apply in accordance with the Swisscom product description



Requirements for Interconnect Peering:


  • Shared bandwidth of at least 500 Mbps (in and outbound)
  • Geographic redundancy (at least two separated interconnection points)
  • Operation of a 24x7 NOC and trouble ticketing
  • All traffic exchanged between the two networks must travel via direct routes