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Replacement of TDM and conversion to IP

IP, the packet-based Internet protocol, replaces the previous transmission technology TDM (time division multiplexing) for the fixed-line network.

The conventional fixed-line network technology (TDM) is obsolete and dates from the time before the Internet. This is why the conversion to IP is happening worldwide. Swisscom plans to convert their services to IP technology by the end of 2017. Already, over 1.6 million customers, more than two thirds, are on all-IP networks.

You will find the most important changes in the Swisscom wholesale portfolio here, and you can start with the conversion of your end customers to IP today.


What does the conversion mean for Swisscom wholesale customers?

Interconnection – conversion to VoIP IC:

The TDM interconnection must be converted to VoIP interconnection by the end of 2017.

The new VoIP interconnection products are already available, which makes your network connection simpler and cheaper.


From BBCS Shared to BBCS naked:

The broadband connection-based TDM fixed-line network connection (BBCS Shared) is only available until the end of 2017. Therefore, convert your customers now to the BBCS connection without TDM (BBCS Naked). The conversion makes higher value creation possible for you, as the Swisscom fixed-line network connection is no longer used and you can serve your end customer holistically.


Elimination of Carrier Preselection (CPS)

Carrier Preselection, a service dating from the onset of liberalisation, when there was no alternative to the network of Telecom PTT, has been eliminated with the conversion to IP. Of course, the free choice of provider for end customers will remain intact. Switch your customers now to your own voice over IP service. This also means that the customer no longer has an affiliation agreement with Swisscom, and the customer relationship devolves entirely to you.


The free choice of the telephony service provider continues to be a given in the IP environment:

We’ll help you!

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