Swisscom Wholesale Portal Extended

In the Wholesale Portal you can already handle all of your DATA business directly - from the initial price inquiry to the final order offer.

Thanks to the complete end2end integration, you receive complete transparency about your orders and also have access to your entire installed base at Swisscom.



We are now making it easier for you to enter your data during the tender process by entering your product configuration in our system, which you can then call up in the Wholesale Portal as "MyProduct". Your advantage is that you no longer have to click through the various options if you don't want to.


You can also release your current and previous invoices together with enclosures on the Wholesale Portal: clear, easy to find and easy to download. All of this means additional benefit for efficient digital collaboration.


Another option that is available for you:


  • You can report faults online at any time and retrieve status information
  • News about current troubleshooting activities is sent to us on a continual basis
  • Identified faults are also displayed with the possibility of tracking them.


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