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Business Continuity Management (BCM) at Swisscom 


Swisscom has been dealing with the topic of Business Continuity Management (BCM) not only since the risk of a power shortage in Switzerland.

But what is BCM and how does preparation for possible scenarios benefit you as a wholesale customer?

«Business continuity is the ability of an organisation to continue the delivery of products or services at a predefined, acceptable level after a disruption.»

As a critical infrastructure operator and important provider of IT services, Swisscom bears a great responsibility towards its customers and Switzerland as a business location. That is why Swisscom has also introduced BCM in the Group.



How is BCM @ Swisscom implemented?


1. Analysis

Context: Understand the organisation, determine BCM objectives, identify key functions, identify operational constraints.



4. Validation

Continuity needs: Identify appropriate solutions for continuity in relation to the organisational context



Grafik Business Continuity Management

2. Design

Continuity needs: Identify appropriate solutions for continuity in relation to the organisational context. 


3. Implementation

Implementation of the solutions, including the development of business continuity plans (BCP) and integration into response structures.



BCM Programm-Management - defines the Directive, Policy and Specifications, and how the BCM is to be implemented.

Embedding - defines how BCM is integrated into "business as usual" activities and the culture of Swisscom.


We apply this approach to all relevant units, including Wholesale.
In an analysis phase, we identified the most important processes, procedures, service and services for our customers and evaluated them on the basis of a business impact analysis.

Based on the priorities, we developed strategies and contingency plans.
How do we proceed, for example, if a building with customer-relevant activities such as Delivery and Assurance (Zürich Neugasse) is suddenly no longer available? Or what do we do if our staff who carry out these activities suddenly become unavailable?


We regularly address such issues and review and update our emergency plans accordingly.


In this way, we also ensure that our wholesale customers can count on our services in an emergency.