Incident Management

Further development of Incident Management at Swisscom Wholesale

Service interruptions are very unpleasant for you as the customer affected, but also for us as service provider. We aim to provide you with the best possible all-round service.
To meet these expectations and also to address the increasing complexity of the networks, we have further developed the existing Incident Management at Swisscom Wholesale and linked it even more closely with Swisscom Incident Management.

What has changed

Within Swisscom Wholesale, dedicated major incident managers devote themselves to the coordination and communication of faults round the clock.

They mobilise the relevant Swisscom bodies to ensure the respective fault is eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through their coordination role within Wholesale, they guarantee prompt communication with the customers affected and if necessary, bring in additional relevant internal bodies (escalation).

We would like to show you how such an incident is handled with an example in Bulle.


On 08.04.2020, cables were damaged during construction work being carried out near Bulle. A concrete drill made a hole precisely in the cable duct of a Swisscom line.


The fault affected over 9000 Swisscom customers, including many Wholesale customers.



After Swisscom Incident Management had mobilised the major incident manager, the manager brought in the internal bodies to clarify the effects on the Wholesale customers.


It very quickly became clear that Wholesale customers would also be affected considerably.
The incident manager prepared the communication with the customers, provided them with regular information on the cause of the fault, the work already done and the expected repair time.


Cablex worked round the clock to repair the fault, prioritising the Wholesale lines. Thanks to this major deployment, the customers affected were able to use their services without restrictions again after just 26 hours.


Every incident is different. For this reason, we analyse each case individually after correction. As a result, we can make improvements as needed along the entire process to ensure that we can provide you with the best support in the event of faults and help you as quickly as possible.