Further development of the Wholesale Portal

For almost two years now, you as a Wholesale customer have been able to order and manage many of our services directly via the Wholesale Portal. During this time, we have continuously expanded the portal. And now, some additional new functions are available with Billing, Data Assurance and Myproducts.

"Billing" allows you to view, check and track invoices for all your products online until payment has been made. Various charts are also available, which highlight the monthly changes in your invoices.


Thanks to "Data Assurance", you can report faults concerning data services directly via the Wholesale Portal. Status updates as well as interim and final reports will also be made available to you in the same way.


"MyProducts", which relates to your data services, enables you to predefine your most frequently used product configurations and retrieve them at the touch of a button. This will simplify the offer process and make it more efficient.


Digitisation continues. We are working non-stop on the development of additional functions that will make your work even easier. A small preview? This year it will be possible to make changes (upgrades, downgrades, moves, etc.) to existing lines via the portal. We will keep you informed about these updates!

Are you already using the Wholesale Customer Portal? If not, please contact us and we will set up an access account for you.

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or our Account Team.


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