Neue Portalfunktionen CES und CLS

New portal functions for CES and CLS

You can already handle your data business today - from A to Z - conveniently and directly in the Wholesale Portal. You can track ongoing orders at any time, and the portal also helps you keep track of all your active lines. To make this even easier for you, we are constantly working on new functions and improvements:

Network expansion information

And lastly, we have introduced a more detailed overview of the information regarding the network expansion and deadlines. This means you can now track - at any time - what stage the network expansion order is in and see how far construction activities have progressed. You can also find out about the reasons in the event of delays. We will also automatically notify you about any changes to the status or dates.


CES and CLS maintenance work

Planned maintenance work affecting CES and CLS services is also now displayed in the Wholesale Portal. You can therefore retrieve information on which date and at which time work is to be carried out. You are therefore always aware of the impact of the work on your services.


Additional download options in the offer process

Your orders, which you could already view in the online overview, can now also be conveniently downloaded as a PDF file, just like the offers. What's more, the list of offers and orders is now available as a CSV file.


Further optimisations

We have adapted the CPE model descriptions and described them in more detail. We have also simplified the process for price queries and offers, which means you now need far fewer clicks to reach your goal.



The next improvement measures are already being planned as well, and they will be implemented soon.

Among other things, further process simplifications for price and offer requests are on the agenda, which will speed up the overall ordering process. What's more, in future you will be able to store additional e-mail addresses so that several people can be notified about the work progress.


You do also want to have a say, or do you even have a specific idea for improving the Wholesale Portal?


Then don't hesitate to contact us