Neue Portalfunktionen CES und CLS

New portal features for CES & CLS

Thanks to the development of our Wholesale Portal, you benefit from new features and improvements continuously. These changes are often based on customer requests, with one example being the implementation of the draft order.


We are also always thinking about how we can improve our portal, and the benefits for our customers have top priority in this respect. In the following, you will find an overview of the latest changes to the CES and CLS services..

Modification of the installed base


Modification made easy. With the "Modify IB" function, you can change the configuration of your installed base at any time while taking contractual terms into account.


These relate to customer reference, contract terms, SLA and bandwidths. You can either order these changes directly or save them as an offer first.




Draft order


We received many requests to be able to save orders as drafts, which is now possible. Use this option to save extensive orders easily and send them later. The draft order is valid as long as the price request or offer it is based on.




In the assurance areas of the Wholesale Portal, you can report faults directly online. You can also monitor faults around the clock and will be informed proactively about the progress of fault repair. The user-friendly interface takes you to the information you need intuitively.


This means you are in complete control of ongoing faults – whether repairs are still underway or the fault has already been rectified.


You can get in touch with us directly over the portal if you need more information.




Follow the construction progress of your order online


Postponement of deadlines during construction are annoying for all parties involved, so a transparent order process is all the more important.

If an expansion of the network is necessary as part of your order, you can get information about the progress of construction on the portal at any time. At the same time, you can orientate yourself to the various status reports relating to the expansion of the network.

We will notify you proactively by e-mail about status or time changes resulting from a deadline postponement, and a reason is given for all such postponements. In this way, you will always be kept up to date. This feature will be introduced in the next few weeks and will be available from the start of next year.



BY THE WAY: All portal features are not only available as a GUI (Graphical User Interface) but also as an API (Application Programming Interface). You decide whether to use the functions directly in the Wholesale Portal or implement them as an API in your IT infrastructure.



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