Neue Portalfunktionen DIA

New portal functions for DIA - Direct Internet Access

We want to offer you the best customer experience at all times, which includes simplifying the processes and workflows of our products.

We have thus introduced additional features for DIA, which are now available in the Wholesale Portal:


  • The date of planned fibre expansions can now be seen for price queries and orders.


  • In addition to the IP units, you can now also find detailed information in the installed base regarding the allocated IP addresses, such as the usable IP addresses, the network addresses, the router IP addresses, etc. 


  • We will send you a confirmation of order and inform you of a status change by e-mail.


  • You can now save your most common configurations as templates to complete an order in just a few clicks.


In addition, we are working on digitizing the clarifications of the infrastructure situation for your end customers – the so-called site survey. In an upcoming release, you will also be able to order this service from Swisscom directly in the Wholesale Portal.



We are at your disposal if you require further information and training regarding DIA and Wholesale Portal usage.