Wholesale Portal

New functions in the Wholesale portal

Digitalisation of business processes is also making steady progress in data services. We have expanded the Wholesale portal with the following new functions in recent weeks.

Retrieval of your service availability reports

To date, we have sent you your monthly and annual service availability reports by e-mail. With immediate effect, you can also view these at any time in the Wholesale portal.


At the same time, we will inform you with a corresponding link via e-mail as soon as new reports are available. To enable this, simply register directly in the portal at contact administration in order to receive the corresponding information. The reports are accessible for at least twelve months.



Track order status and progress of the order in real time.

In addition, supplementary information on the status of your order is available. For example, under your regular orders, you can find data on the current situation and plans concerning the expansion of the network, in-house installation, the installation of your router or the planned commissioning date.


At the same time, you are given regular updates on how the execution of the work is progressing. You receive an e-mail with a link to the corresponding order.





We will enable you to make changes directly in the portal to the configuration of existing data services before the end of the year.


From March 2021, you will then also be able to adjust running orders as needed. Of course, next year we will also regularly implement further improvements that simplify your operation of the Wholesale portal.


If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or our Account Team.



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