Publication details

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Enterprise Customers, 3050 Berne

Tanja Kammermann, Enterprise Customers

Concept for content and editorial office
Swisscom Enterprise Customers
tnt Graphics, Zurich

Visual concept and design
Crafft Kommunikation, Zurich

Technical implementation
Infocentric, Baden

Urs Binder, Andreas Heer, Beat Hochuli, Hansjörg Honegger, Tanja Kammermann, Ann-Kristin Koch, Peter Wolf

Inter-Translations , Berne

Frequency of publication

Four times per year in German, French, Italian and English

Image credits
Title topic illustration: Crafft Expert interview photography: Daniel Hager, Crafft | Portrait: photography: Monika Höfler, Munich; Crafft | Column illustrations: Lisa Schweizer, Berlin | On the go image: Kaspars Grinvalds, Fotolia | Caught our eye Internet TV: Gandini, Fotolia; LinkSquare: Stratio; Microsoft Surface Pro: Microsoft; Google Lense: Google; Ava, Lea von Bidder: provided by | Trendscout image: Augmented Reality: Leonard Low, Wikimedia Commons | Wolf tests images/video: Crafft | Events 01: Milos Radovic; 02: Swiss Health Camp; 03: Swisscom; 04: Swiss Economic Forum | Product news all content images: Swisscom.

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