Swiss IT trends, smart youngsters and a clever consulting service

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Learn from the “digital natives”

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) optimises everyday working life. However, for employees, UCC also means redesigning communication. Swisscom supports them in this and makes use of learners. They train the company’s employees for UCC solutions at the work place – following the motto “learn from the new generation”. The Swisscom learners plan the training sessions independently and hold these for the customer, making use of their specialist competence, experience and individually designed information documents. SBB is already benefitting from this ambassador offer. Around twenty Swisscom learners are preparing eight thousand SBB employees for Lync 2013 and are available to answer questions on site. The project started in May 2014. Swisscom learner Nuantong Promrit talks about her experience in a video interview – also created by learners.

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“As we learners grew up during this time, we can explain new technologies better than the older generation.”

Nuantong Promrit, 18
Swisscom trainee as a customer dialogue expert

Swiss IT Study 2014

Data protection is the top priority for companies

The IT sector is constantly changing. Technologies such as mobile computing, big data or cloud services are kicking off a far-reaching transformation of the manner in which IT is used in companies. At the same time, companies’ demands regarding their own IT infrastructure and thus that of IT providers are increasing. According to the Swiss IT Study 2014, Swiss companies place great value on security and data protection when it comes to choosing a cloud provider. In addition, high availability and data storage in Switzerland are decisive when it comes to choosing a provider.

The current Executive Brief “Swiss IT 2014” shows which new challenges, investments and trends Swiss companies in the IT environment are preoccupied with.

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Document management

Docsafe – the virtual bureau

With Docsafe, Swisscom provides a platform for easy digital exchange of documents. Stefan Hopmann, Senior manager for Innovations at Swisscom, explains the benefits for companies.

Stefan Hopmann, what is special about Docsafe?
Docsafe is a storage solution from Switzerland, for Switzerland. It is cloud-based and meets the highest security standards.

Receipts, invoices, travel documents – aren't private persons more likely to benefit?
Docsafe creates order in the personal office. On the other side of the table are companies. This solution is particularly beneficial for those who are in regular contact with customers.

In what way?
The companies save delivery costs, paper and time. Digital correspondence also makes processing easier and less susceptible to errors.

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Dynamic Computing Services

Computing power and storage space as required

Today more than ever, companies rely on an agile IT infrastructure. With Dynamic Computing Services, companies can increase both the availability and the flexibility of their IT. In this process, they outsource their IT or parts of it to virtual servers, data centers or memory at Swisscom. Swisscom is continuously developing its Dynamic Computing Services and will soon be launching a cloud-based platform solution (PaaS). With this, companies will procure services at platform level directly from the cloud, for example operating systems, databases or development environments.

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RAS authentication with Mobile ID

Secure and easy mobile working

Would you like to access your company network whenever, wherever and however you want? This is possible with the Remote Access Service (RAS). Now it’s even easier as companies can combine RAS with the strong authentication service Mobile ID. This means all that is needed for secure user authentication for the Remote Access Service is a mobile phone. This enables a two-factor authentication without the need to have additional tokens available. Secure and user-friendly access to the business data is guaranteed at all times.

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eVoja – the clever consulting service

Scan grocery barcodes yourself or place the products on the conveyer belt, order stamps via SMS or buy them at the counter – what is actually modern? At a bank, it’s no different. Here, standardised online consultation services meet the physical bank. eVoja uses a clever combination of classic customer advising and technology. As an integrated solution for the customer web portal, PC bank workstation and iPad, it supports consultations. The video shows how the bank and its customers reach their goal more easily, faster and more effectively thanks to eVoja.

Video for eVojaMore about eVoja