Experts meet experts – in the arena and at the round table

Zurich, 4 September 2014

Swisscom Dialog Arena: Experience ICT trends

Everything communicates with everything – people with people, people with things, things with things. That’s why, at the Swisscom Dialog Arena, we communicate with you – experts with experts. Join us in discussing the opportunities and possibilities of digital transformation, and learn how ICT can become a success factor for every company. Let other decision makers and users inspire you. And network with the representatives from various industries, solution partners and specialists. The Swisscom Business Award will be presented as a highlight of the event. This recognises the most pioneering ICT solution in Switzerland.



Swiss CRM Forum 2014

At the Swiss CRM Forum on 11 June 2014, managers, specialists and interested parties exchanged ideas on current issues in the field of CRM and marketing. dialogue was there and asked Dieter Fischer, Head of Customer Focused Solutions at Swisscom, for an insight into the future of CRM.

Dieter Fischer, what are the challenges in the area of CRM?
Big data and the mobility of the customers. The key trends are starting here.

And these are?
With CRM, companies should be able to appeal to their personal and business mobile customers right where they are in their current life phase. This means entering into a personal dialogue that is independent of location and time, mix this with fitting offers – and surprise the emotions.

Making customers more satisfied thanks to CRM – is that possible?
CRM can at least provide a decisive foundation for this – customer insights show the company why a customer does something. Predictive analytics are an effective means of collecting customers’ requirements and affinities and coordinating marketing, sales and customer service.

CRM: Services, documentation and contact

Zurich, 23 September 2014

Cloud Innovation Roundtable: Pay attention, developers!

Swisscom is developing an application cloud, a PaaS environment. Be one of the first to test the new possibilities – deployment within seconds, in any language. And use the right services, such as databases or API. The new application cloud and the cloud start-up scene are waiting for you..

More about the event

Zurich, 24/25 September 2014

BankersCOM: Congress of the European finance world

Decision makers and value creation partners from the European financial sector are meeting to form opinions and exchange experiences. BankersCOM is aimed at an exclusive group of invited guests. Would you like an invitation??

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