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Watertight for business and lifestyle

We tested the Samsung Galaxy S5 for business and personal use.

Peter Wolf

Large …

The display is comfortably large. However, this can lead to accidental activation of one of the buttons at the bottom edge of the screen with the ball of the thumb – either when reading in landscape format, when watching a video or while playing a game. It takes a while to get used to the perfect method of holding the device. 

... or small

Is your thumb too short or the display too large? In the settings under “Sound and Display”, you can activate “one-handed operation”, allowing you to reduce the displayed area by means of a quick swipe movement with the thumb from the edge of the screen to the middle and back. Then the navigation works as if you were holding a smaller smartphone. This is especially practical for operation with one hand. 


The keys make predictions

The virtual keyboard with the large keys attempts to predict what you are planning to write next. It gives suggestions for quick selection by tapping. The more you write, the better the prediction adapts to your style of writing. 


It’s best to take three

The finger print scanner can recognise up to three different fingers. Tip: As well as the index finger, scan in both thumbs so that you can also unlock the device with one hand. When reading in the thumb print, hold the device exactly as you will later to unlock it so that the thumb print is read in at a slight angle..

Communicate over short distances

An NFC (Near-Field Communication) reader is also included. This allows you to use all the possibilities that short-distance radio technology will some day provide. Be it activating and deactivating Bluetooth, light or WiFi, or location-dependent triggering of device actions or mobile payment using the smartphone. 

Don’t be afraid of water

The advantage of watertightness comes at a cost – slightly complicated handling when it comes to battery charging. The port cover needs to be opened before inserting the cable and carefully closed again after charging so that no water can get in. Here, it is worth investing in an inductive charging set so that the mobile phone can receive power without having to insert and remove the cable.. 


... and yet it’s still a mobile phone

The S5 is a fast, practical smartphone for business and personal use. Despite the very large display, it fits in the hand well enough to also be held to the ear as a mobile phone. 

Information and ordering

Further information on and ordering options can be found here:

Samsung Galaxy S5

Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf (49) has been involved with technology for as long as he can remember. For many years, he was a trend scout and social media expert at Ringier. He currenty works part time at e-research and thus came into contact with the Swisscom team in spring 2014. He also writes regular columns and app tests for various publications.