dialogue 0115
Big data – more data, more opportunities?


Title topic: big data

Understand the present and design the future

The first Swiss cities are using anonymised mobile communications data to plan their infrastructures better. The Future Cities Laboratory at the ETH Centre in Singapore shows what will be possible with big data in the future. Computer models not only simulate transport systems, but also the individual behaviour of the residents. 


«The earlier you fail, the better»

What 's possible with anonymised mobile data, how companies will soon be able to procure big data as a service and why those who are willing to experiment are a step ahead. 


«I’m not a bean counter»

Gabriele Schmid knows what it’s like when you have to accompany every internal big-data project with a warning finger raised. The data protection officer at the Swiss post office is liberal with her own data. 



Customers are faster than companies

Many companies still do not make sufficient use of the potential of digitisation. For this reason, they are frequently attacked by new providers and start-ups. Where do you stand? Take the test now. 

Caught our eye

Innovations that make you long for more

Office without desks and chairs, an app for switching off, stocks as skyscrapers, holograms as conversation partners and how the ICT flat share is becoming completely networked. 


The good, the bad and the ugly

Will there soon be «x-ray selfies»? More than 100,000 health apps are attempting to gain the attention of the health conscious. Some of these make sense, most of them are for personal entertainment, but some are actually dangerous to health.


Wolf tests: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

How revolutionary design can improve your life

Receive messages discretely despite the closed cover and no more typos thanks to the pen. See Wolf and win a Samsung Note Edge!


Events with the lure of digitisation

Customer Experience Day, Swisscom Business Award, SAP and Mobile Forum: with a bit of luck, you could be there.

Product news

Inspire guests and place your trust in the crowd

Why an app for holiday guests is worthwhile and why banks are now getting into crowdfunding.