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Inspire the guests and get into crowdfunding

App for the destination Davos Klosters

Closer to the guest

As part of its 150-year anniversary as «pioneer in winter tourism», at the beginning of February 2015, Davos Klosters gave itself and its guests the gift of «Get inspired!»: a new app for personalised holiday experiences – and more knowledge about the requirements of visitors to the (magical) mountain destination. To use the app (for the time being in pilot operation for iOS), guests save their personal profile with experience categories and information on preferences, such as sports types. Based on this profile, locations and offers, activities and events are now filtered and displayed. Depending on the location, guests also receive suggestions directly to their mobile phones (location-based services via Gefence/Becon technology). However, the development of «Get inspired!» is not over with the launch. Project manager Dominik Knaus is relying on a participatory approach: «The first feedback will be integrated into the further development and will help us to continually optimise the app.» In this way, both sides win: the guest receives a set of leisure time entertainment that fits him or her and Davos Klosters receives an insight into its visitors’ preferences, which can ultimately be used for further development of the offer and communication throughout the entire year. The app was implemented as a pilot project as part of the Interaction Platform that is currently being developed by the Swisscom Solution Center «Mobility». Manager Alexandra Reich: «Today, individualised addressing of customers is critical for success in every industry. Digitisation provides entirely new possibilities that we want to illustrate to companies and make accessible with the new platform.»

More about Mobile Business«Get inspired!»

«Every bank that wants to be successful in the future has to at least deal with the present. The digitisation of society is a core topic here.»


Christoph Loeb, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)


«We want to be involved from the very start»

The Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) was the first Swiss bank to introduce its own crowdfunding market place at the end of 2014. Swisscom assisted the bank from the idea until the launch and supplied the crowdfunding platform. We spoke with Christoph Loeb from BLKB about the project.

Why did BLKB launch a crowdfunding market place?

Christoph Loeb, BLKB media spokesperson: Today, traditional banking transactions are moving to new platforms. Non-banking players are becoming direct competitors of banks. Crowdfunding is an example of this development. We want to be involved from the very start and use our banking expertise to get our piece of the cake. In our market place, we want to gather experiences and participate in this new market.

What has been the response to the market place?

We have received great interest from initiators. The content spectrum shows that, today, crowdfunding is still primarily anchored in the cultural area. However, I am convinced that other initiators will also find their way to the platform. But this will take time. And we have already learned something: the support that we need to provide for initiators, both for the submission and while the project is running on the platform, is much greater than we had anticipated.

What advice would you give other banks?

Stay away from such things, then we’ll be the only ones (laughs). But seriously, every bank that wants to be successful in the future has to at least deal with the present. The digitisation of society is a core topic here. Previously, all our competitors were banks; today, they are also called Apple or Google. Non-banks are becoming players to be taken seriously in our society.

You can find the BLKB’s crowdfunding platform here (in German)

Mobile Voice Recording

Securely record business transactions

In the event of misunderstandings or governmental investigations, it is important to gain clarity regarding certain statements that were made by phone. For this purpose, calls need to be recorded without gaps. What has long been a matter of course in fixed-network telephony is now also possible for mobile phones with the Mobile Voice Recording (MVR) Managed Service from Swisscom. MVR records all mobile phone calls, text messages and connection information and archives this in encrypted form for at least two years in Swisscom computer centres in Switzerland. The recording complies with the market conduct rules of FINMA, and the saved data can neither be changed nor deleted during the selected archiving time of two or ten years.

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World Wide Web

New website for Swisscom corporate customers

Just visiting a website can already be an experience. Take a look at the new Swisscom website for corporate customers to convince yourself of this. There, you can travel around the digitized world on a Stromer electric bicycle. Simply by scrolling through the homepage, you will see how the individual products are positioned in the broader context of the various business requirements. In addition, on your route you will find out what is happening with the Internet of Things and what you need to know about mobility, the cloud and big data. And, at the end of your journey, you will find out how Switzerland will work in the future. Of course, corporate customers will also find all the information that they require from Swisscom. This way, surfing is fun.

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Docsafe app

Docsafe among the top 10 apps of 2014

Every year, the business magazine Bilanz recognises the best Swiss business apps of the year. In 2014, Docsafe from Swisscom made it to the top 10. As a reminder, Docsafe has been available since July 2014. 30,000 residents of Switzerland use Docsafe as a central location for their digital invoices, contracts or receipts – a total of 16 million documents are currently stored there. Everything is automatically passed on from the companies that are already connected. Docsafe is not only a secure storage location for digital documents, but can also be used to settle invoices. The documents are stored protected in the Swisscom cloud and can be managed at any time and from anywhere using any device. Furthermore, not long ago, Privasphere, a Swiss provider of a secure e-mail delivery platform, linked up with Docsafe. This means that electronic registered mail and confidential communications can be saved in a single location with all your other important documents and retained for an unlimited time. For Privasphere CEO Ralf Hauser, the cooperation with Docsafe from Swisscom is «a key step towards digitizing time-consuming and paper-intensive processes.»

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Safe Connect app

Secure mobile surfing

Mobile surfing is simple and fast, but also poses new risks of cyber criminality. Hackers can dial in to connections and read out data that is transmitted without encryption. Those who want to surf securely at all times can do this using the new Safe Connect app, which protects data traffic via public WLANs and mobile networks. When Safe Connect is activated, all connections from the smartphone run over a secure, encrypted line via Swisscom. This means that you can, for example, go online via the public WLAN at a hotel or café and be protected against hackers. As an additional service, Safe Connect blocks access to dangerous websites and malware. In order to provide this additional service, Swisscom has entered into a partnership with Symantec.

New label launched

Safe Connect was launched under the new Swisscom label «nova» in order to develop future optimisations or adjustments of the product together with the customers. You can test Safe Connect free of charge for 30 days. Following this, the app is available as either a monthly (5 francs) or yearly (29 francs) subscription. 

You can find more information and download the app here 

Here you can send your feedback regarding the new app



Hybrid IT

Fish and fowl

Companies are growing, founding branches, expanding sites, the go-to-market tempo is increasing, flexible handling and smart analysis of data are becoming critical elements for success – and at some point, an organically grown IT landscape will hardly be able to keep up with all these demands. The thought of entering the cloud with an agile IT in the background suggests itself. But which operating model is the right one? Does, for example, a hybrid cloud – the combination of your own and an external infrastructure – really combine the best of both cloud worlds or is it a case of «neither fish nor fowl»? Find out more:

Interview with cloud expert Philipp Bielmann

Download white paper «Hybrid IT is the key to success