Trend towards digitisation and the chance of fame and glory

Sixth Swisscom Business Award, 3 November 2015, Lucerne

Fame, glory and material prizes

Get stopped hearts beating again with an app? Personally assist «cruisers» around the world? Last year, the company MSC Cruises and the foundation Ticino Cuore won the jury prize and the public’s prize respectively at the Swisscom Business Award for their innovative business solutions. Now a new round is starting. Are you ready? The award platform for candidates with revolutionary ICT solutions is open now. Submit your project now – and secure your chance for recognition from the expert jury and the public as well as material prizes worth more than 10,000 francs. The Swisscom Business Award will be presented for the sixth time this year. This will be part of the Swisscom Dialogue Arena, which is taking place on 3 November 2015, for the first time in KKL Luzern (Culture and Congress Centre). Good luck!

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SAP Forum, 20/21 April 2015, Basel

Simplicity in the future

Under the motto «Simplify your future», the industry will be meeting at the Basel exhibition centre for two days. Inspired by Swiss contrarian thinkers as well as global innovative leaders, «thought patterns and inflexible processes» will be overcome and «boundless possibilities» explored for the simplification of processes, applications and IT infrastructures.

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Mobile Business Forum, 3 June 2015, Sankt Gallen

En route to digitisation

For a long time now, it has been impossible to observe mobile business models and processes in isolation from a more comprehensive development: the digital transformation that is challenging every company today. Which areas are at the centre of digital and mobile changes? Which strategic decisions should companies make if they wish to continue being successful? And how can new technologies and business models be combined? The Mobile Business Forum invites you to a discussion.

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Review of Worldwebforum, 10 March 2015, Zurich

Back to the future

San Francisco meets Zurich: nothing less than the «invention of the future» was on the agenda for the initiators of the 3rd Worldwebforum on 10 March 2015 in Zurich. International top-class speakers, such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, warmed up the audience to the latest trends in digital technology and culture with their new business possibilities. Swisscom was there on your behalf!

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