Customers are faster than companies

Why no company will be able to bypass digitisation in the future. Three questions for Lukas Bigler, head of the strategic initiative Inspire and the digital business and innovation team at Swisscom Enterprise.

How has digitisation changed our daily lives?

With the smartphone in a trouser pocket and the fitness tracker on our wrists, we are already more networked than ever today. Over the past decade, digitisation has taken over almost every aspect of our daily life. We shop, communicate and acquire knowledge online, and do so from everywhere and at all times.


Who benefits from the digital era?

It is conspicuous that consumers adapt new technologies faster than companies. Digitisation opens up a multitude of opportunities. For example, the Internet of Things allows intelligent networking of products, algorithms help to automate entire process steps and, with big data, offers can be personalised directly to the customer’s requirements.


Why are companies failing?

Many companies still do not make sufficient use of the potential of digitisation. For this reason, they are frequently attacked by new providers and start-ups. The absence of a digital vision, the lack of advancement for the required digital transformation or an IT architecture that is not able to react flexibly enough to the latest market requirements are just a few of the possible stumbling blocks.


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Lukas Bigler

Lukas Bigler is head of marketing and the new digital business and innovation team at Swisscom Enterprise. The business economist has many years of management experience in consulting as well as in strategic and operational marketing. He has held various management positions at Swisscom for 10 years. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant and self-employed entrepreneur in Switzerland and abroad. Born in Berne, Lukas Bigler has many years of practical experience in developing and implementing strategies, setting up new business models and cross-departmental projects. The father of two teenage sons lives in Recherswil near Solothurn.