Title topic: E-health

E-health: everyone is on board in the canton of Zurich

Digitalised health care is coming, albeit more slowly than planned. In Zurich, a canton-wide platform is being created for efficient data exchange between service providers.


“Patients increasingly want to have a say”

Doctors who fax patient files come up against fully digitalised hospitals. In the middle of it all: Stefano Santinelli, CEO Swisscom Health AG.

Electronic patient dossiers

Four critical questions put to Economiesuisse and FMH

How does a health economist and supporter of the electronic patient dossier respond to the critical questions of an FMH representative? And vice versa?


Mr Wearable

Very few people know the rapidly growing wearables industry as well as Christian Stammel. The Munich resident is the heart of the world’s biggest wearables community.

Column by Michael Kurzidim

Be healthier with e-health

Yes, telemedicine, digital hospitals and robotic doctors are good for our health.


Body-based sales

Comfort, fitness and health for individuals and opportunities for companies: wearables are emerging from their niche and taking over the market.

Caught our eye

Digital aids for ill people

Light waves analyse the composition of medicines and a contact lense measures the glucose value in tears.


Read and be read

In the coming years, user interfaces will fundamentally change work and business.

Wolf tests

BlackBerry is back!

Resurrected: why the BlackBerry Priv is impressing again.


Digitalisation takes place in our minds and in the small things

The CX Day is all about collaboration in a digitalised world and the Swiss Digital Transformation Award rewards digitally fit companies.

Product news

Popular wearables and cyberattacks

With a market share of 70%, the Fitbit Charge HR is Switzerland’s most popular fitness tracker.