Electronic patient dossiers

Four critical questions put to Economiesuisse and FMH

How does a health economist and supporter of the electronic patient dossier respond to the critical questions of an FMH representative? And vice versa?


Electronic patient dossiers are playing a central role in the digitalisation of healthcare. They are therefore the subject of controversial debate. We asked two proponents of different standpoints to put their questions to the  other side. The answers reveal clear differences, particularly in the priorities.


Dr. med. Urs Stoffel is a member of the FMH central board and in this capacity is responsible for the subject of e-health. According to Stoffel, many doctors have yet to be convinced of the benefits of the electronic patient dossier. For him, another decisive factor is that the doctors must be reimbursed for maintaining the dossiers.

“Maintenance of the electronic patient dossiers is very time-consuming.”

Dr. med. Urs Stoffel



Dr. Fridolin Marty is head of health policy at Economiesuisse. In his opinion, the electronic patient dossier brings almost nothing but benefits. On the one hand, the patient data is more complete. On the other, data protection with the new systems will be better than it is today, where a lot of data is sent unencrypted via e-mail.

“Data protection will improve with the electronic patient dossier.”

Dr. Fridolin Marty



One thing is certain: e-health solutions like the electronic patient dossier offer huge potential. For this to be exploited, doctors, the industry and, not least, the patients must play their part.

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