Collaboration is the key

The Swiss Digital Transformation Award, 7 April, Zurich

“Digitalisation takes place in our minds and in the small things”

In April, the Swiss Digital Transformation Award will be presented for the second time. Three questions for Milos Radovic, Senior Business Developer Digital Innovations Swisscom.

There are already so many awards, so why do we need another one?
Good question. For one thing, it is important to show that many Swiss companies have already started the digitalisation process – and that many are somewhat out of their depth. The award aims to show that you can also take small steps. It is also a way of showing appreciation for all those who are doing something. On the other hand, the objective is to show that digitalisation is not just a technological movement, but a transformation and therefore a cultural matter.

What does Swisscom have to do with this?
The digitalisation tsunami hit Swisscom years ago, with WhatsApp and broadband Internet, for example. We have gained experience that we want to pass on. However, we too need to keep developing all the time. This is why we are on the jury, together with other digital experts. For each award, a Digital Maturity and Transformation Model study will be performed, a kind of test for companies that shows them where they stand when it comes to digitalisation. We always try to incorporate our input here.

What has surprised you the most recently when it comes to digital development in Swiss business?
The negative: many companies are putting surprisingly little thought into this subject and are not doing much yet; we are followers, at best.

The positive: a digitalisation groove is slowly emerging, and we can make use of this. There are good initiatives, such as Zurich Digital 2025, and a lot is happening in the world of start-ups. The Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and Lausanne (EPFL) are investing a lot of money in projects that are yielding good results. Digitalisation takes place in our minds and in the small things, and some institutions, including SMEs, are taking interesting and unconventional paths. 

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Swiss Economic Forum, 9/10 June, Interlaken

Agility as a success factor in times of change

Insecurity and dynamism are the main features of the market, with technologies changing just as fast as customer preferences. The half-life of solidly grounded knowledge is decreasing, long-term planning is becoming almost impossible and proven business models are suddenly falling like dominos.

It is therefore important to respond with agility to abrupt market movements and to adjust to them. Agility in companies requires robustness and involves preparing the organisation for an unknown future. At the 18th Swiss Economic Forum, this ability to adapt will be examined from various perspectives. Together with top speakers and in dialogue with guests, new insights can be gained regarding agility as a success factor.

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Smart Health Camp, 26 May 2016, Zurich

Opportunities and potentials of apps in health care

Anyone who wants to develop their own app for health care needs to consider a number of aspects. For example, what has to be taken into account when it comes to data protection. Or which technology should be used. Or how to keep costs under control. And, not least, how users will use the app. At the first Smart Health Camp, 80 representatives from various institutions and areas of health care will come together with their experiences and current challenges to discuss such questions. At individually tailored workshops, expertise and application cases will combine to form innovative solutions, “Eureka” effects and a network.

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Digitalisation is not just a technological movement, but a transformation and therefore a cultural matter. 

Customer Experience Day, 28 April, Berne

Collaboration as the main innovation?

Digitalisation is changing products, services and business models. It is therefore worth thinking about how companies can respond even faster and better to new market conditions. Collaboration plays a central role here. It is the key to solving complex problems, while also being the greatest challenge. For this reason, the next Swisscom CX Day is dedicated to the following questions: What framework conditions promote an innovative corporate culture? What role does collaboration play in this? On 28 April, together with inspiring speakers and exciting guests, we will explore new means of collaboration. Places are limited, and dialogue is giving away two tickets.

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