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Title topic: Work Smart

From the office to the office landscape

If office clerks are going to become knowledge workers, the space in which they work also needs to change. Activity-Based Working is the magic word: everyone needs to find the right place in which to work on the job in hand. However, continuous change expends an above-average amount of energy. 

Expert interview

“It was a huge culture shock...”

How do you see whether or not an organisation practises smart working? Why do some succeed more than others and which technologies will cause the next culture shock in offices? 


“I’ve pensioned off the desktop PC and laptop.”

The head of the WWF in Switzerland, Thomas Vellacott, knows what it’s like if you are the only person at the company who still has their own office. This office contains neither a desk nor stacks of paper but it is often full of employees.


On the move

Through the door and into the network with Tapit

Following credit cards, the Tapit NFC app is now bringing company access systems to smartphones. This provides the badge with an Internet connection and therefore possibilities that extend far beyond the smart cards available to date.

Caught our eye

Slotcar bots, ultrasonic power and heated people

Playful, innovative, practical, smart, surprising and impressed: some things found on the Internet recently show how technology and creativity change our life.


Iron Man becomes an industrial worker

Iron Man with his exoskeleton is only ever going to save the world in a film. In real life, high-tech body supports primarily improve life in the context of medical rehabilitation. Daewoo is now making it fit for industrial use.


Wolf tests: HTC One M8

Better for hands-free, remote control and opening doors

BoomSound loudspeakers make music fun and provide understandable hands-free telephone calls. Televisions, Swisscom TV and access systems, too, can be operated by infrared, Bluetooth and NFC.


Apps, innovations and connected things

The best of Swiss Apps Award, the Swiss Innovation Forum or the Internet of Things Conference: with a bit of luck, you will be there!


A glimpse into the digital future

Familiarise yourself with the potential for smart working in your own company and relevant future technologies: what companies need to know about digitisation.