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Study of everyday digital life

Everyday 2030: the future of networking

In the future, we will no longer merely be networked with people, but increasingly with intelligent objects. On behalf of Swisscom, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) investigated how our everyday digital life will look in 15 years. After all, in a hypernetworked society, questions will arise, such as: who will have control over our data? Or: how will societal structures, processes, values and behaviours change?

According to Bettina Höchli, co-author of the study, the greatest change in business will be brought about by the use of robots and 3-D printers, as well as the sharing economy, which will greatly reduce production costs. In addition, the processing of data and management of information will become the core of every business. Thus, in the future, digitisation will radically change every industry, from agriculture to finance and from education to medicine.

You can find out what else companies need to know about digitisation in the study

«In future, digitalisation will radically change every sector, from agriculture, finance or education through to medicine.»

Bettina Höchli, co-author of the study «Everyday 2030: the future of networking»

1/5 From the site selection to the special construction method, the physical protective measures to a sophisticated security concept, the new computer centre provides the highest level of security.

2/5 The strictly regulated access is monitored with a biometric access control system and from a permanently staffed booth.

3/5 For the servers, a new kind of placement concept with cubes is used.

4/5 Such a cube has space for 14 racks, each with 50 servers.

5/5 A detailed shot of a server.

1/5 From the site selection to the special construction method, the physical protective measures to a sophisticated security concept, the new computer centre provides the highest level of security.

Wankdorf computer center

The environmentally friendly data bunker

Two years building time, 60 million francs investment costs, designed for 5,000 servers and 10,000 customer systems, connected with 90 kilometres of fibre-glass cables – these are just a few of the key statistics of the new Swisscom computer center in Berne Wankdorf. The storage capacity of the new data bunker is 8 petabytes – equivalent to approximately 8 billion books. If the books were stacked, the tower would reach to the moon.

Expandable and environmentally friendly

As one of only a few in Europe, the computer center is certified for high availability. Thanks to its hybrid cooling system, it belongs to the most environmentally friendly of them all. The cooling is performed using circulating air and, on hot summer days, additionally through evaporating rain water. In addition, it is integrated into the city of Berne’s heating network and uses its waste heat to directly heat flats and offices in the vicinity. The building is composed of modules and can be expanded. The computer center will begin operating fully at the end of 2014 and house the Swisscom cloud, among other things.

Win a guided tour

Those who are interested in technology can win an exclusive look behind the curtains of Switzerland’s most modern computer center. We are giving away a guided tour for a maximum of five people.. 

To enter the competitionMore information about the Wankdorf computer center

Crowd funding platform

Promote crowd funding in Switzerland

The crowd funding market is growing rapidly. While in 2013 4.7 billion francs were invested in crowd funding projects worldwide, in 2015 this figure is set to rise to 15  billion. It is not surprising, therefore, that the crowd funding platform launched by Swisscom at the end of August attracted great interest within a short time. In a first phase, the Swisscom crowd funding platform plans to provide banks, in particular, with the option to quickly and professionally start to work with this new means of financing. With the new business model, in addition to conventional loans, they can also offer their customers supplementary financing via crowd funding.

Software from the cloud

The model is simple: Swisscom builds a crowd funding platform and offers it to companies in the form of software as a service (SaaS) from the cloud. The customer does not have to take care of the infrastructure, software and development. The company opens its own crowd funding market place on the platform and uses this to promote projects in a particular region or relating to a topic such as sport or culture. For the new service, Swisscom is working together with the Swiss crowd funding market leader, Wemakeit.

More information and a video about the Swisscom crowd funding platformMore information on Wemakeit

Work Smart Workshops

Is your company ready for the digital future?

Do you, for example, ask yourself what effect digitisation has on your company? Or how your company can use flexible and networked collaborative work forms as a competitive advantage? Then the Swisscom Work Smart Workshops are perfect for you. There, you will learn more about the transformation of the traditional workplace. In workshops, you can perform a site assessment together with Swisscom. In this way, you will find out what opportunities are available to your company – and also what risks you should try to avoid. In addition, Swisscom will pass on successful strategies and experience from customer projects. And you will receive documentation that helps you promote the topic internally in your company.

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Ask the Brain

Know what the employees know

Ask the Brain is the expertise network that is integrated into the Swisscom intranet and works just like a real brain. Through self-learning networks, Swisscom’s knowledge is mapped in Ask the Brain and with every question that is asked and answered, Ask the Brain learns something new. Every question is automatically forwarded to the appropriate Swisscom expert and thus answered as quickly as possible. “Many people associate a knowledge management tool with lots of IT and effort. Ask the Brain, on the other hand, networks knowledge and is thus very easy and intuitive!” says Caroline Bless, the project manager for Ask the Brain. Since September, Ask the Brain, which has been a project of Swisscom trainees from the very start, has been on sale for customers. 

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus for business customers

The new iPhones aren’t just bigger. They are better in every way: They are longer and wider, but thinner. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch and the plus has a 5.5-inch display. They are more powerful, but energy efficient. They have iOS8 and an 8-megapixel iSight camera. The battery has a standby time of up to 10 days and both devices have a 128 GB memory. As a result, you can store as many documents, pictures and videos as you want. Undoubtedly a perfect business phone. To place an order, please contact the telecommunications manager at your company.

For more information about the new iPhones, visit the Swisscom private customers website

Green ICT Check

Calculate the corporate ecological footprint

Flexible working not only increases employee satisfaction but also helps the environment. With mobile working, working from home and virtual meetings, you cut travel costs and travel time. And with IT services from Swisscom, you can also reduce the energy consumption of your computer centre. This is known as Green ICT, and is good for both your budget and your image.

You can easily calculate your CO2 savings potential hereFor more information on Green-ICT solutions, see