Wolf tests

Good sound for the office and at home

We tested the HTC One (M8) for business and personal use.

Peter Wolf


The sound is amazing not only through headphones – the two BoomSound™ frontal speakers also give videos, songs and hands-free calls an amazing sound. The microphone can pick up extremely loud sounds without any distortion and remove background noise in the event of quiet parts – which will please the person you are talking to.



The camera has 4 million pixels, more than in other cameras, and thus produces the image quality. Modes like focus correction, picture in picture with front and back cameras, all-round panorama or various video themes all help with setting up photos.


Dot view cover

The perforated flip cover gives the high-resolution 5" super LCD3 display a charming retro style and, on tapping or swiping, reveals call, message or weather information. 


Remote control and access control

It may seem unusual that infrared is still built into today’s mobile phones. However, this allows remote control of television sets (via infrared) and TV boxes, like Swisscom TV 2.0 (via Bluetooth), from the same device. Thanks to the built-in NFC function (Near Field Communication) and the Tapit app, the mobile phone can be used as a badge for access control or even used for mobile payments.


More information on Tapit


The Swisscom extra tip

Did you know that, with the Swisscom TV 2.0 app, you can watch TV in high picture quality on your smartphone? The only condition: you need to be online. With the app, you can receive more than 170 stations, all with seven day replay. Plan or access your recordings via mobile phone and browse the TV guide. At home, you can also use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control via Bluetooth.

Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf (49) has been involved with technology for as long as he can remember. For many years, he was a trend scout and social media expert at Ringier. He currenty works part time at e-research and thus came into contact with the Swisscom team in spring 2014. He also writes regular columns and app tests for various publications.