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Lift-off into real virtuality


Title topic: Industry 4.0

Totally individual layer by layer

The more difficult the better. With 3D printing technology, designs can be realised at the press of a button that were previously impossible. At the same time, they lift individualisation to a new level. And the costs? They become a side issue, as the example of Alstom Inspection Robotics shows.  


“Many manufacturers are losing contact with the customer”

Machine data is the key to productivity and new services, Bernhard Lenzin, head of Industrial Industries at Swisscom, is convinced.


“I can be persistently stubborn”

How Roland Brüniger invented self-heating soles with courage and persistence and why he is not interested in lucrative takeover offers.


On the go

Bring me to my destination, Siri!

The threat of gridlocks makes alternative mobility solutions necessary. Public transport, rental car or bike? All of these together and preferably at the same time! In the future, the motto will be: “Use and combine instead of possessing.”

Caught our eye

Driverless cars and robot colleagues

Find out what is happening with Switzerland’s driverless car and meet YuMi, the collaborative robot.


The Blockchain breaks old chains

Bitcoin may remain just a passing phase. However, the Blockchain technology for the cryptocurrency has what it takes to become a revolution. The dubious whistle-blower platform Darkleaks shows what is possible.


Wolf tests

How tablets can save customer visits

What tablets can withstand and how they can save important customer visits. See Wolf and win a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active!


Events for banking and work of tomorrow

Swisscom dialogue Forum focusing on digitisation, a week-long work smart initiative and a day-long Swiss International Finance Forum.

Product news

A network for things and a place for pioneers

How the low power network has started operating and who will reinvent Switzerland at the Swisscom Business Campus.