Swiss fintech scene

The young upstarts

The Swiss fintech scene is jumping! Four examples of young new companies working on software for the finance industry.

General conditions for Swiss fintech

The difficult road to a fintech hub

Switzerland has the opportunity to become an internationally recognised fintech hub. It's now high time to step on the gas!


10 million for fintech companies

Swisscom is founding a fintech cluster and providing funds of CHF 10 million in total to purchase of fintech companies. A competitor to other banks? 


The outsider

First the community, now the fintech solution. How the Swiss operator of a bike platform with big plans is getting involved in the banking business.

Digitalisation of the bank

Banks: Only one third have a digital strategy

The level of digitisation of Swiss banks varies enormously. An overview of the status quo and future prospects.

Low Power Network

The Internet of Things: Switzerland beings to take notice

If innumerable devices, machines, buildings and objects are to be interconnected in an Internet of Things, then a reliable, inexpensive and energy efficient mobile network is needed.

Attention grabbing

St. Gallen is smart and Siri is driving things on

St. Gallen is ready for the Internet of Things and Siri is holding sway over your desktop.


Artificial intelligence is networking

AI-based systems and networks are taking over households and companies.

Wolf’s test

Virtual Reality, or the man with the diving mask

Virtual Reality looks completely different depending on whether you are outdoors or indoors.


Work Smart – get involved!

You can build up your knowledge and share ideas about the topic of modern work.

Product news

How Donation 2.0 functions and how to open an account from your own sofa

Let’s help is Switzerland’s state-of-the-art digital donation platform and this is how you can conveniently open your bank account from home.