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How Donation 2.0 functions, and how to open an account without going to the bank

All IP

More than 1.3 million Swisscom customers are already using All IP

Internet Protocol (IP) makes so many things so much easier. The transmission of voice, videos and data is bundled into one network. Separate telephone and Internet lines are no longer required. In mid-2016, more than 1.3 Swisscom customers were already using the All IP standard to make telephone calls. The objective is to have all customers switch to the new technology by the end of 2017. All IP offers advantages for business customers, because companies can communicate more efficiently, more straightforwardly and more flexibly. Our film highlights the change of technology in a charming way and explains what All IP can do for your company. Would you like to know more? Then please contact your customer advisor or visit to find out more.

Video All IP (YouTube)

Digital Identification & Signing

Opening an account by video instead of at the bank counter

Digital Identification & Signing (DIS) developed by Swisscom is now allowing customers of the Valiant Bank and the Glarner Kantonalbank to open accounts and sign up for other products on a digital-only basis. State-of-the-art technology allows a Swisscom call agent to identify the customer in a short video call. Going to the bank to sign a contract will be no longer necessary thanks to video identification. Opening an account takes less than ten minutes using this method. The customer only needs a video-capable device and an official form of ID. To finish the process, the contract is signed electronically and the required product is opened.

After the financial market supervisory authority FINMA gave the green light for video and online identification in March 2016, the technology is now available for other customers as well. The Raiffeisenbank also intends to start offering a similar way of opening accounts by video chat sometime this year.

KMU Financial World

Online solution for financial processes by SME customers

The corporate customer business is a solid source of revenue for Swiss banks – and SMEs in particular harbour a high earnings potential for financial institutes. In order to exploit the potential offered by existing SME customers (increasing the share of wallet) and to attract new customers, offering a range of innovative services is the most productive way to proceed. Swisscom is offering your bank a white label solution in the form of KMU Financial World which allows you to help your SME customers to digitise all their financial processes.


The modular structure of the online solution allows you to digitise the financial transactions of your SME customers. With very little administrative effort required, it offers your customers an inexpensive online bookkeeping service, current key financial indicators, management information and much more. The digital services are being fully integrated into the existing e-banking and core banking environment, and therefore form a central interface between the bank and the SME. This will allow you to consolidate your relationship as the main bank to your SME customers for the long term.

Digital donation platform

Let’s help – Donation 2.0

The inhabitants of Switzerland are generous. It is one of the most generous donor nations in the world. Zewo, Swissfundraising and Swisscom have launched a digital donation platform for Switzerland in the form of, which is based on the crowdfunding principle. It now offers aid organisations the opportunity to present campaigns online to a large public, without making them have to maintain a digital platform or take care of administrative processes. Those making donations are given an overview of the fundraising projects run by a variety of aid organisations, allowing them to filter by organisation or topic, and earmark their donations for specific purposes – any time, from anywhere, and using all conventional means of payment.   

“Together with Swisscom, we are giving donors access to specific projects run by reputable and regularly audited aid organisations which meet our standards,” says the CEO of Zewo, Martina Ziegerer. Swissfundraising, the professional association for fundraisers in Switzerland, is also supporting the new platform as a communications partner. “ will, for the first time, be providing Switzerland with a donation platform with enormous potential for the aid organisations involved,” as the managing director of Swissfundraising, Roger Tinner, says