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Collectively creative


Title topic: Collectively creative

The crowd goes professional

Crowdsourcing is developing from a marketing tool into a strategic innovation tool. While that does not make the development department obsolete, if used correctly it has an immense leverage effect.


“Co-creation also means giving up control”

Open up to customers and get close to them: advice to companies from Swisscom's Frank Seifert and Thomas Robinson.

Report from the Impact Hub

No coincidence: Experience meets creativity

To ensure that new ideas are not purely a matter of coincidence, Swisscom works closely together with the Impact Hub innovation centre in Zurich.

Programming marathon

From an idea to a prototype in 40 hours

When the young, creative programming community meets at hackathons, they quickly generate practical ideas.


Hackathons are what challenge me, dance is my passion

At a programming marathon, Marica Bertarini easily bashes out hundreds of lines of code on her keyboard for 40 hours. When developing mobile apps and while belly dancing, the ETH student gets a real rush.


On the go

The countdown towards more direct involvement

With the Apple Watch, wearables are forcing their way into companies. The spectrum of potential business applications is broad. However, the small screen is a major challenge.

Caught our eye

Of perfect steaks and transparent trucks

A smoker who keeps meat at a constant temperature thanks to an algorithm and a truck that makes overtaking safer.


See more clearly – and hear less – as a super human

Electronics raise human capabilities to a new level. For example, we will soon be equipped with eagle eyes and magnetic senses.


Wolf tests

From manager to film director in three minutes

How a smartphone instantly transforms into a complete control console: Peter Wolf tests the new Huawei. See Wolf and win a Huawei P8!


An upgrade for the grey cells

The Swisscom Dialog Arena takes a thorough look at ICT trends and the theme of this year’s Swiss Innovation Forum is “Brain up”.

Product news

Money from the crowd and help with looking for pets

Nowadays companies source finance from the crowd and pets are found more quickly thanks to the latest technology.