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Money from the crowd and help with looking for pets

Work Smart

Employees want flexible working

As the project manager of Swisscom's Work Smart Initiative, Bigna Salzmann designed and provided support for the first Work Smart Week.

Instead of what used to be Home Office Days, a Work Smart Week was held for the first time in 2015. Why?

It is now common to see Home Office as an Outlook entry. Smart Working is, however, much more than just an expression of place. How does digitisation influence the way we work and live? What does management and personal responsibility mean to you? The new name stands for a more detailed exploration of flexible forms of working.

What are the questions that concern companies most in relation to flexible forms of working?

Work Smart is increasingly being identified as a personal and cultural topic. The desire of employees for more flexible work models is increasing. However, at the same this creates uncertainty: how many rules are needed in everyday situations? What am I allowed to do, what is taboo? Here managers play a central role, including as a role model. We have developed a guide for managers to ensure that the balancing act between control and trust is successful.

Just forty companies subscribe to the Work Smart Charter on flexible working and, according to a new MSM study, flexible working is still an “exceptional phenomenon” for half of those companies surveyed. How can you win them over for your ideas?

We want to give further impetus for the change and demonstrate the potential using actual examples from Swiss business. Our aim is to consolidate existing knowledge and experience and make it available both for others and as a platform for questions. If anyone wants to explore the subject in greater detail, they will find information about current events on our website.

Guide for managers: The productive Team (german and french) MSM study: The workplace of the future – Opportunities for mobile companies (german) Make a mark: Work Smart Charter (german and french)

“Now it’s up to companies to use these alternative financing forms and to win the crowd for themselves.”

Beat Oberlin, CEO von BLKB

Loans from the crowd

First Swiss bank opens a market place for crowd lending

Since mid-July, the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) has been the first Swiss bank to procure crowd loans for companies via its crowdfunding market place, There is good reason for banks to enter the alternative loans business, as crowd lending is extremely popular: 265 million euros for private loans and 93 million euros for business loans are granted in Europe annually in accordance with the crowd lending principle – without the involvement of banks. In Switzerland, according to the current crowdfunding monitor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art, the volume of crowd loans doubled from 1.8 million in 2013 to 3.5 million Swiss francs in 2014.

Winning the crowd over

Companies that have existed for at least three years can advertise an amount from a minimum of 20,000 to a maximum of 100,000 Swiss francs on A first project is already online: Bondo Milano, an e-commerce platform for organic textiles, wants to finance 70,000 francs with the help of crowd lending.

Beat Oberlin, CEO of the BLKB, on the opening of the market place for crowd lending: “Now it’s up to the companies to use these alternative financing forms and win the crowd for themselves. We are looking forward to interesting projects from the region and the whole of Switzerland.” The basis of the market place is the crowdfunding platform from Swisscom, which was expanded in close collaboration between BLKB and Swisscom.

To the BLKB crowd lending platform (german) More information on Swisscom’s banking solutions

Digital business processes

The six most important tips for the Smart Enterprise

Predictive maintenance and innovative data-based business models: the collection and analysis of data from industrial processes offers many possibilities. So that your company will also benefit from the possibilities offered by the next industrial revolution, Swisscom has compiled some tips for you from six important findings from pioneering projects.

For example, one tip is only to collect the data that is relevant for your value-creating application. All the experts agree on this point: data will be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution. However, there is no point at all in just making a machine “intelligent” and fitting it with every possible sensor. What companies need to do is to define what the specific application is. Do they want to develop the next – improved – generation of machines? In this case, for instance, the operating data, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of existing equipment, is likely to be of interest.

Click here for more tips on collecting and analysing your data and its innovative power.Information, videos and much more on the Smart Enterprise

Corporate responsibility

Together for sustainability

Swisscom is now marking products and services that will assist you and your employees to live sustainably at home and at work. Thanks to the new symbol you will find out how you reduce the amount of electricity you use every day, how you can operate securely in the digitised world and how to use digital media responsibly. As an employer, you can both enhance your employees’ efficiency and also improve their work-life balance and thus their motivation.

Tips for a sustainable lifestyleICT for a sustainable way of working


Help, my cat has gone

Every year, tens of thousands of dogs and cats disappear in Switzerland. Many of them forever. Now HergTech AG promises to help. The subsidiary of the Swiss centre for animal reporting has developed a GPS-supported system for locating animals. With the Petpointer, you easily know where your little darling is at all times, whether outside or inside, in Switzerland or on holiday in foreign lands. The animal owner sees on his or her mobile phone, tablet or PC where their pet is right now.

Swisscom is HergTech AG’s communication partner and provides the necessary communications technology for the smallest and best networked animal collar in the world. The GPS tracker combines location detection technology with state-of-the-art communications technology.

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PWLAN in a Box

Public WLAN for small sites, too

The requirements of customers, guests and visitors with regard to wireless Internet access are constantly increasing. With PWLAN in a Box from Swisscom, you benefit from a professional public wireless hotspot that specifically covers smaller sites, such as restaurants, bars or waiting rooms. You therefore don’t need to worry about your customers’ expectations with regard to powerful WLAN Internet access and can optimally meet their requirements. Ordering PWLAN in a Box – and access is easy and straightforward. You receive all the technical components, an installation guide and a promotional sticker as a complete package from Swisscom. The solution can be put into operation quickly and easily.

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