An upgrade for the grey cells

Swisscom Dialog Arena, 3 November 2015, KKL Lucerne

Trends and technology at first hand

This year the Swisscom Dialog Arena will be held in Lucerne for the first time. The topics covered at Swisscom's main event for corporate customers will be the key ICT trends that are relevant for business in Switzerland. Events in different arenas will cover leading-edge success stories, gripping presentations and new technologies. These will give you an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with experts and share ideas with other guests. This year the keynote speech will be given by Dietmar Damen, an independent creative consultant working with international companies, who has over twenty years of experience in marketing and advertising.

Swisscom Business Award

This is the sixth year in which the jury of the Swisscom Business Award has looked for Swiss companies and institutions that have implemented revolutionary solutions in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Four finalists are vying for this year's Swisscom Business Award 2015: Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG, UBS AG, Prodir AG and Otto Fischer AG.

Dialogue is giving away three tickets for the 2015 Swisscom Dialog Arena. Write to us, stating briefly why you would like to participate. The winners will be notified by mid-October.

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Customer Experience Day, 29 October 2015, Berne

Will sharing make us richer?

Whereas until recently we were still proud owners, today sharing is a lifestyle that is back in fashion. Sharing platforms and peer-to-peer services set new challenges for every sector. How is it possible to move to the sharing economy successfully? How do we shape new and sustainable value creation? Discuss the new spirit of sharing with top speakers and exciting guests. dialogue is giving away a ticket in a prize draw – good luck!

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Swiss Innovation Forum, 19 November, Congress Center Basel

An upgrade for the grey cells

Taking “Brain up” as its motto, this will be the tenth occasion on which the leading Swiss innovation conference will bring together decision-makers from Switzerland and neighbouring countries to “Foster innovation, creativity and design”. How do you mobilise your full potential? Which future trends are not to be missed under any circumstance? Get new impetus at SIF. For instance, at the Swisscom Workshop (Number 4) you can find out how you can make your good ideas even better by using a “Prototyping Kit”.

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