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From manager to film director in three minutes

How a smartphone instantly transforms into a complete control console: Peter Wolf tests the Huawei P8.

Peter Wolf

The first thing you notice about the Huawei P8 is the packaging. Unusually, the device sits on its edge in the packaging, presenting its thinnest side first – and at 6.4 mm, it really is impressively thin. After all, all smartphones now have impressive screens (1920×1080 pixels) ...


Camera plus

The 13-megapixel camera and the supplied functions promote creativity: For example, at night you can create “light paintings”. The time-lapse function compresses long films to short sequences. In director mode, the smartphone can be used as a control console and edit film material from up to three other Android smartphones live. With a bit of practice, this is more efficient than editing together the material from several different sources afterwards.



The Talkband B2 provides business benefits, not only counting your steps and reminding you to stand up and get moving after you have been sitting for a while. The watch can also be removed from the wristband in one movement and then becomes Bluetooth headphones.

Additional functions

The screenshot function is practical because it works intuitively and you do not have to remember a key combination. Simply tap the screen with your knuckle twice and voilà: the photo of the screen content is created. This allows you to make productive use of screenshots: timetables, route descriptions, appointment details and much more are available in the album without you having to open the various apps.

A small but nice design detail: the buttons for switching the device off and turning the volume up/down are on the same side of the device, so you are not constantly switching off the phone when you want to change the volume with one hand.


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Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf (50) has been involved with technology for as long as he can remember. For many years, he was a trend scout and social media expert at Ringier. He currently works part-time at e-foresight and thus joined the Swisscom team in spring 2014. He also writes regular columns and app tests for various publications.