Title topic: Application Cloud

On cloud PaaS: get new software quickly and flexibly

Application Platform as a Service (PaaS for short) is the tool of the moment. But what does this mean for the future of software development?


Ready, set, develop!

More fun for developers, low costs, flexible and scalable – Swisscom tested its own PaaS solution for the first time at HackZurich.


The heart and soul of the Swiss start-up scene

Beat Schillig has been influencing the Swiss start-up scene for 25 years. A look at his CV shows why.


From the product to the services business

dorma+kaba relies on the Swisscom Application Cloud to develop new, high-availability access solutions with greater agility and bring them to market more quickly.


“This is a first for Swisscom”

The Swisscom Application Cloud is an ambitious project. It was set up by 29-year-old Marco Hochstrasser in Silicon Valley.

On the go

The future of retail

The MAGGS stores address customers directly and in a personalised manner – thanks to a smartphone app, Bluetooth and iBeacons. However, how the technology is used is more important than the technology itself.

Caught our eye

Help for hi-fi enthusiasts and poor linguists

Old stereo systems are networked intelligently thanks to state-of-the-art technology, and a new function turns Skype into a simultaneous translator.


The pressure to be smart

Singapore is number one among the “smart cities” and wants to increase its lead further – including in the area of ICT.

Wolf tests

The smartphone that can be blown up to a desktop PC

Or, alternatively: the fully fledged PC that fits in your pocket. The Lumia 950 XL is both of these things.


In the fast lane to digitisation

You can meet the pioneers of digitisation at the World Web Forum and gain a digital head start at the X.Days.

Product news

Driverless cars and global networking

These are the ten lessons learned by Swisscom regarding the driverless car, and support is provided here for companies with international operations.