Business Newsletter June 2016


“People are falling over themselves to grant credit”

Crowdlending – financing SME credit via crowdfunding is growing in Switzerland. Andreas Dietrich, editor of the Swiss Crowdfunding Monitor, explains why there are more lenders than borrowers and why the banks don’t need to worry about this. 

Electronic communication

Time for new approaches

Criticism of electronic communication is growing – when used inappropriately it impairs efficiency. Experts are now calling for new approaches. 


Testing prototypes with the new Swisscom tool

The feedback tool Looping enables companies to obtain feedback on visual prototypes within 48 hours. Michael Baeriswyl explains the precise benefits of it. 

Business Newsletter April 2016


“E-mail is too asynchronous and inefficient”

In today's world, many people work when and where they like. This is one of the biggest challenges being faced by managers. How virtual teams can be managed successfully is something Fabian Etter, the Head of Future Work Experience at Swisscom, knows all about.


Smart Infrastructure for Smart Work

To date, iBeacons – small, active Bluetooth transmitters – have primarily been used for marketing purposes. They will, however, now be used to help liberate Smart Work from some of its drawbacks.