Testing prototypes with the new Swisscom tool

This month, Swisscom has brought a feedback tool onto the market. Looping enables companies to obtain feedback on visual prototypes within 48 hours. Michael Baeriswyl, head of Software as a Service at Swisscom, explains the precise benefits of the feedback application.


Why has Swisscom developed a feedback tool?

Michael Baeriswyl: Just for fun! (laughs) Being fast and agile is vital for our survival. At Swisscom, we now need to bring products onto the market at a much faster pace than we did previously, but speed alone is no use if the product hasn’t been developed to meet customer re-quirements. This is why we’re getting feedback from the customers during the development process. Looping, our new feedback tool, makes it possible to obtain feedback quickly and easily. This means we save time and money, minimise risks and get to know our customers before we even launch a new product.


How can Looping benefit businesses?

Looping allows you to test prototype products and services in advance, so that you can find out whether they work and how to develop and improve them further. It’s often difficult to find enough colleagues, specialists or selected customers for qualified feedback within a reasonable time period. With Looping, this challenge becomes child’s play. The tool connects the participants to a feedback community and it overcomes company, departmental and hierarchical boundaries and brings together feedback from designers, consultants, sales staff, technicians and marketing specialists.


Describe the target audience for this application.

The offer is aimed at all businesses who want to stand out from the rest of the market. The new feedback tool is especially popular in the product development, communication, innovation, business development and market research sectors. 


How Looping works

Looping works according to the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle. It runs within the Swisscom Application Cloud and is scaled as re-quired as the community grows. The application is extremely straightforward – just upload a visualisation of a prototype and Loop-ing takes care of the rest.

More information

Michael Baeriswyl

Michael Baeriswyl is the director of the “Software as a Service” division at Swisscom Enterprise Customers. Michael started work at Swisscom two years ago in the “Human Centred Design” division where he was responsible for the “Prototyping & User Testing” team. The 32-year-old wrote his doctoral thesis at the ETH Zurich and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Before this he founded a start-up specialising in marketing analytics with colleagues from the ETH. Michael holds regular lectures on design thinking at the MIT, ETH and EPFL.