The best Swiss Mario Maker 2 Levels
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The best Swiss Mario Maker 2 Levels

Swisscom Gaming asked their Twitter Community to send their best Mario Maker 2 Levels. Our Nintendo-fanboys Domi and Pascal played through all levels. Here are their top 4. A small report:

We’ve asked our community to send us their Mario Maker 2 Levels and we’ve received a lot of codes – which means that we had to play through a lot of custom levels. Some were internal quite challenging.

To be honest, we are neither speedrunners, nor professionals in jump&run and we may consider something harder, which might seem easier to anyone who is more skilled in Mario. But we had a lot of fun trying to solve those levels. There was even some sort of competition going on.

We’ve completed most of the creations and even managed to achieve a decent completion-time in some of them (no world-record though). But there are also some codes which remain marked as “unfinished” on our list, because we were just too bad.

Our Top 4

The list

Maybe you will be able to complete the whole list – you’ll find all level codes from our community down below:

Twitter Handle Mario Maker 2 Level ID
@FlorianDu3393 XD4-1QV-H7G
@Benxurio FMC-3YJ-71H
@SilviaTears CD0-KQ3-Q7G
@ChidonCongou FC9-GLN-33G
@_Cochu W2R-3Y8-SSF
@Selzies S8K SXW 8QG
@BrybryPokebip V1M-FR9-QFG
@Loumloum2000 4DQ-TF7-4NF
@abarada_mc 7. Juli PFG-376-NKG
@the_stibae R03-9CK-X0G
@GamemistressEU W8G-T3J-KLF
@BamiSalamiBra 23D-0VG-8SF
@AkuDrawings 130-DT5-0CG
@baerliderfuchs T99-2RD-1TG
@HelveticSpirit NX0-XHB-75G
@zwitscherfuchs JD1-JC6-NXG
@_swisstendo 59B-SY1-R3G