Nintendo fan art: here are our favourites
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Nintendo fan art: here are our favourites

Swisscom Gaming asked the Twitter community to share its best Nintendo fan art. These are the winners.

For many people, Nintendo is their gateway to the fascinating world of gaming – from thrilling Mario Kart races with siblings to hours spent trying to (re)play Super Mario Land all the way through. Many popular classic games still inspire people of all ages to create fan art today. When the Swisscom Gaming Twitter channel asked for examples, it received an incredibly powerful and creative response. We were overwhelmed by the wonderful range of art we received. It was no easy task, but we have selected three winners:

Third place

Our follower Tugi Guenes amazed us with his ‘good-night-doodle-story’. The angular sketches are an interpretation of some of Nintendo’s most well-known characters and reveal a slightly darker edge to the colourful, playful world. We hope our protagonists reach the final castle soon! Tugi has his own distinct style that comes through consistently in each image in the series, helping him to reach third place on our podium.

Second place

TweeSunny chose one of the three first-generation starter Pokémon – Bulbasaur – and managed to capture our hearts. The idea that these virtual companions snooze so cosily in their Pokéballs left us ooh-ing and ahh-ing. The shimmering green not only suits the Pokémon’s type, but also reflects the image’s calm mood – it’s a true work of art!

First place

Breath of the Wild was a resounding success with many Zelda fans. Aoyuna brought the adventurer from Hyrule onto the canvas, and in no small way – you can see Aoyuna for scale! From the beams of light breaking through the sea of clouds, to the reflections in the nearby water, to the detailed Hylian Shield: it makes us want to step right in and join Link’s journey of discovery. We’re fans – not just of Zelda, but of Aoyuna!

Honourable mentions

It wasn’t just the top three artworks that bowled us over. The following entries unfortunately didn’t make the podium, but their artistic skill has earned them a mention here: