These are the seven coolest Swiss games for the Nintendo switch
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These are the seven coolest Swiss games for the Nintendo switch

The Swiss games industry is booming and has produced a considerable number of original indie gems in recent years. There is now also a large selection of Swiss games to suit every taste on the Nintendo Switch. These are our favourites.

Unrailed! – multitasking for pros

Unrailed! is probably one of the most stressful games we’ve ever played – and we mean that as a compliment.

In this chaotic game, up to four (online or offline) players must lay tracks for a train until it’s able to stop safely in a station.

The four-player team has to keep a thousand different things in mind while the train rolls unrelentingly on, threatening to derail. Who’s manufacturing the track? Who’s taking care of the raw materials? Who’s clearing the way? Who’s putting out fires on the train? And who hasn’t cleared away the tools properly?!

Only players who constantly communicate with their team and clearly distribute the tasks will be able to prevent the train from derailing straight away in Unrailed!.

FAR: Lone Sails – a beautiful postapocalyptic world

Although FAR: Lone Sails unfolds almost entirely without words or complex narrative techniques, the game manages to take the player on a thought-provoking and emotional journey through a beautiful postapocalyptic setting.

The player manages a small avatar who has to navigate a futuristic vessel through dry and abandoned landscapes. The vehicle has to be constantly refuelled, maintained and upgraded in order to overcome and solve the world’s obstacles and puzzles.

This unique game is best played in a single sitting, so pick a rainy evening, curl up on the sofa and enjoy!

Morphie’s Law: Remorphed – size matters

Morphie’s Law is a team-based online shooter with a colourful design inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos).

What distinguishes this title from other shooters is the unique morph mechanic that makes every match unpredictable. If the player shoots certain parts of an opponent’s body, they become smaller, while their own body grows.

For example, if you want to run and jump more easily through the world’s twists and turns, then it makes sense to aim at your opponents’ legs in order to increase your own (and therefore also your speed and strength).

One of the game’s key advantages is its support for the Switch’s precise motion control when it comes to aiming, allowing the player to target individual body parts with great precision.

The only downside is that the relatively low number of players can make the random online team assignment a test of patience. And anyone looking for an offline multiplayer mode will be disappointed. So if you want to enjoy the game to the full, you’ll need to round up some friends to play online with – it’s worth it!

DERU: The Art of Cooperation – collaborative puzzle fun with friends

DERU’s game mechanic is very simple: two players must navigate two small geometric shapes through a series of obstacles to two goals.

The black shape can pass through all white obstacles and the white shape can pass through all black obstacles. If a shape touches an obstacle of the same colour, it is absorbed into it and the level restarts.

The game starts simply, but escalates into incredibly tricky puzzles in the later levels, requiring not only brainpower but also coordination and quick reactions. To succeed, you’ll need to plan your path precisely and carry it out in collaboration with your puzzle partner.

Although the game can theoretically be played on its own (using one joystick for each shape), you’ll need a partner to experience DERU’s full potential.

Octahedron – 80s neon party

Octahedron is a 2D platformer with 80s neon aesthetics and unique gameplay twists that offer constant challenges. For example, your avatar can create temporary platforms under its feet for a few seconds, thus bridging insurmountable obstacles and defeating invincible opponents.

Your avatar’s skills are constantly evolving (as are your opponent’s), providing plenty of variety and tricky gameplay. Only those who have fully internalised the game’s mechanics will survive in the neon world of Octahedron.

Retimed – time loop shooter

Retimed is a competitive 2D multiplayer shooter for up to four players with innovative game mechanics: as soon as an opponent’s shot approaches your avatar, events in a small area around the player shift into a time loop.

In this way, an otherwise unavoidable hail of bullets can be circumvented with spectacular evasive manoeuvres à la The Matrix.

Although the game offers an online multiplayer mode, it’s difficult to use due to the small number of online players. But a game like this is always more fun when you’re playing at home on the couch with good friends and can see how worked up they get after an impossible evasive manoeuvre.

Niche: A Genetics Survival Game – a new take on biology lessons

This mix of turn-based strategy and simulation is about survival in its purest form. The player accompanies a small, initially helpless creature looking for food and fellow animals on a lonely island.

In order to ensure the survival of its own species, the creature needs to reproduce with the other species it finds and look for larger islands with more food and shelter. The cute creature’s appearance and skills develop differently depending on the genetic attributes of the species it breeds with.

The surprisingly complex gameplay combines genetic inheritance with classic survival elements (finding food, curing diseases, etc.), creating a strategically demanding experience that you can easily lose yourself in for countless hours.

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