Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about qualifying for the group phase of the Swisscom Hero League in the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

The essentials:

  • Start sign-ups: 15th July 2019 on www.swisscom.ch/hero
  • Qualification modes: via Ladder or Cups
  • Date Ladder: 20th July – 18th August 2019
  • Date Cups: July  27th, August 3rd / 24th / 31st 2019
  • Qualification for 1st Division: top 4 teams Ladder & 4 winners of the Cups
  • Final: Grand Final at HeroFest November 22nd-24th 2019
  • Price money: CHF 10’000.-
  • Start 1st Division regular season: 09 September 2019

How can my team qualify for the 1st division of the Swisscom Hero League?

There are two ways for a qualification:

The best four teams of each mode will be qualified and those eight teams will form the 1st division of the Swisscom Hero League, which will start on September 9th.

When can my team qualify for CS: GO?

Qualification via Ladder will start July 20th and ends August 18th 2019. The four qualifier rounds will take place July 27th, August 03rd / 24th / 31st

Where and how can I sign up my team? 

From July 15th teams can sign up on www.swisscom.ch/hero.

How much is the price money?

For CS: GO there will be CHF 10’000.- as price money

How does the Ladder work?

Contrary to cups, where match days and -times are fixed in advance, the ladder system will provide the possibility to sign up spontaneously during specific daily timeslots and to compete against other teams. There is no limitation to the amount of ladder games you play.

Teams will gain (through victory) or lose (through defeat) points, depending on the match’s result. The rating (points total) will influence the amount of points gained or lost. For instance a victory against a team with a better rating will result in gaining more points. Losing against a team with a lower rating will result in a loss of points.

More information on the Ladder system: https://play.eslgaming.com/Ladder-faq

How do the Cups work?

Signed-up teams will play on specific matchdays against each other. Winners of those Cups qualify for the 1st division of the Swisscom Hero League.

Can my team sign up for the Cups as well for the Ladder? 

Yes, teams can participate in both modes.

Do points from the Ladder count for Cups and vise versa?

No, winning and losing only counts for the respective mode.

What would happen, if a team will qualifies in the Cups and in the Ladder at the same time?

In this case the slot for the qualification will be given to the next best team in the Ladder.

Can my team play every day in the Ladder or is there a limit of matches?

There is no limitation to the amount of matches.

Isn’t it unfair towards those teams who aren’t able to play every day?

To play more games will also increase the risk of losing a game and points. For example: a team, which played ten games and has a 5:5 standing, will, depending on the opponents rating, not be higher or even lower placed than a team who played 2 games and won both.

How does the 1st division of the Swisscom Hero League work?

The eight qualified teams will play each other on seven matchdays in best-of 2 matches.  In November the playoffs will take place, in which the teams battle for a place in the Grand Final.

For Infos and news on Swisscom Hero League and Gaming: www.twitter.com/swisscom_gaming

For any questions regarding league-system, rules and gamemodes you can reach out to ESL Swiss: https://play.eslgaming.com/switzerland