Gaming PRoducts

Fast connection, no lags.

Ultra-fast fibre optic network with speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s


A direct hit or a near miss? It shouldn’t depend on your internet connection. Swisscom’s fibre optic network offers you super-fast response times with a ping of just 12–15 milliseconds.


With Swisscom’s fibre optic network, you get speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s, letting you stream with no stuttering. This speed is also plenty for multiple users – even if everyone in your household is using the internet at the same time.


Depending on your configuration, the latest blockbuster games like “Call of Duty: Warzone” require nearly 200 GB of storage space. With high-speed internet access, you can download this enormous data volume in no time at all.

But large bandwidths also offer gamers a decisive advantage for “smaller” game updates as well. After all, you don’t want to wait. You want to play.

Call of Duty: Warzone update (34.7 GB)

Theoretical download times

Internet-Box 3

10 Gbit/s: The Internet Box 3 is suitable for the latest Internet speeds.

Wifi 6: The Internet-Box 3 comes with Wi-Fi 6. This allows for speeds of up to 4.8 GBit/s via WLAN. Older WLAN generations were only able to handle one device at a time. Wi-Fi 6 allows you to download and upload on six to eight devices simultaneously, which drastically reduces response time.In addition, certain devices can be prioritised, e.g. the console or the gaming PC.

LAN ports: The Internet-Box 3 has five LAN ports. A LAN connection essentially offers faster pinging and a more stable connection than WLAN.

Free for new customers

  • With every Internet L subscription
  • Now just CHF 49 (for everyone who already has or switches to an Internet L subscription)

blue TV

The top provider for gamers

Twitch: Swisscom is the first operator in Switzerland to bring the game streaming experience to the big screen. This means that the Swisscom Hero League can be followed live on the big TV.

Gaming channels and apps: The programme includes the game channels ESportsTV, GINX TV and ES1 as well as numerous gaming apps.

High-speed gaming on the move with 5G

More and more sophisticated games are being developed for smartphones. In many of these games, response time is the key to success. 

Stream and game on your phone from anywhere as if you were at home – thanks to 5G, you can enjoy speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s. Ping time is reduced from 40–60 milliseconds to just 20 milliseconds. 

For maximum speed, choose one of the Premium Speed or Connect Pack options, or the inOne mobile premium subscription.

Swisscom Pay

Candy Crush? Or would you prefer Call of Duty? On the smartphone or the console? With Swisscom Pay you can get the latest games and many in-app purchases. Forget PayPal and credit cards – just pay with your mobile phone bill. On to the next level!