Swisscom Academy: Courses for older people

Smartphone Module 2 (iPhone & Android)

Module 2 of the smartphone for older people course shows you how to use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a camera, and how to take and send photos. Our trainers will delve into the world of apps with you and show you how to install them and use them over WLAN.


Through targeted exercises, you have an opportunity to apply what you have learned independently.

How you benefit

  • You can use the camera, take photos and share it with friends
  • You know how to scan QR Code
  • You can connect to the WLAN
  • You know how to install and use apps

Target group

You own an iPhone or Android smartphone and are familiar with the basics (Smartphone Module 1). You want to learn about/use your smartphone's functions and enhance your ability to use the camera, apps and WLAN.

Bring with you

Bring your fully charged smartphone with you to the course.  You also need an Apple ID (iPhone) or Google account (Android) and your e-mail address plus password.

Costs in CHF