Removal of Bundesliga in MySports Pro on blue TV

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How you can watch the Bundesliga games on blue TV even after the elimination of the Bundesliga on MySports and what this means for MySports subscribers.

What happens to the Bundesliga?

Due to licensing uncertainties between Sky and UPC regarding the broadcasting rights of Bundesliga content, MySports Pro customers will unfortunately no longer be able to watch Bundesliga content on Swisscom blue TV from Friday, 06.11.2020 until further notice.
Swisscom has no influence on this adjustment.

How to watch Bundesliga now?

To continue watching the Bundesliga games of Sky, you can subscribe to the content via the Sky app on blue TV or on

The 40 Bundesliga matches in the blue Sport [DE] / blue Sports [FR] package are not affected by the above-mentioned adjustment and are still available.

Monthly discount for subscribers

MySports subscribers on blue TV will automatically be credited a special discount of CHF 5 per month from the November billing month onwards. This applies until the end of the current Bundesliga season 20/21 (probably the end of May 2021). Should the season last longer due to corona interruptions, the special discount will be extended accordingly.
You do not have to do anything to receive the special discount.

Frequently asked questions

Currently there is no further information available to us or our hotline staff. Swisscom will keep you informed about the situation on this webpage. 

MySports, Sky Sport and blue Sport are offers from different providers. UPC markets MySports, Swisscom is the owner of blue Sport and Sky offers Sky Sport. Each provider owns different rights to broadcast certain sports leagues

The sports packages in comparison

The contents of blue Sport and MySports (excl. Bundesliga) are available on blue TV (TV-Box, App and Web). The Sky App is available on the  Swisscom Box and TV-Box (UHD) but not on TV-Box (HD).



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