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Bill overview

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Managing your Swisscom bill. Check the status in the Customer Center, with the My Swisscom app or by SMS.

Current costs and bills

Swisscom offers a number of options for keeping track of your current bills and charges.

Customer Center

In the Swisscom Customer Center, you will find all the details relating to your bill.

My Swisscom app

The My Swisscom app provides the same information that is available in the Swisscom Customer Center. So you can also view your bill on your mobile or tablet when on the move.

Switching to paperless billing

Do you still receive your Swisscom invoice by post? It is easy to switch your payment method in the “My Swisscom” Customer Center or let us know your request directly by chat.


Change payment method now

Cost control via SMS:

You can easily query your current bill amount via free SMS messaging.

Cost control abroad

  • Swisscom Cockpit: With Swisscom Cockpit, you have complete control over your costs and can easily buy data packages when using the Internet abroad. The app is free to use.
  • Tariff check: Check the local roaming tariffs in the country you are visiting. Tariff check ensures that you won’t be stung by any unexpected roaming charges while travelling.

  • Status query: Use free SMS messaging to query the status of the roaming days included in your subscription.



Do you have questions concerning our products?

We will help you via telephone or chat.

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