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Saving documents in Docsafe

On this page:
How to receive, store and organise your personal documents securely, in encrypted format.

Login and requirements

On your computer/laptop

On the move (smartphone/tablet)

Who can use Docsafe?

  • Individuals with a Swiss address
  • Individuals with a Swiss mobile phone number
  • Swisscom customers with a Swisscom Login

Storage is unlimited and free. Even if you are not a Swisscom customer, you can use your postal address or mobile phone number to create a login and use Docsafe for free. 

You are unable to access your Docsafe via your Swisscom Login?

This may occur if you use different logins, recently changed your contract or moved house. If you have several logins, you can add them to your account and assign rights.

  1. Log into your Docsafe with the details you used to open your account.
  2. Select the “Individuals” tab and then “Authorise individual”.
  3. Search for your second login and select the relevant folder.
  4. Click on "Authorise" and create a new entry in the list.
  5. Click on the “Assign full access” option at the bottom right.

You can now use Docsafe with your second login. You still need your first login, because only it lets you change all settings.


Docsafe encrypts and securely stores your documents individually in our Swiss data centres. The same security standards are used as for bank systems. The connection between your device (computer/laptop, smartphone/tablet) and Docsafe is encrypted.

Additional encryption

We recommend you use an SMS access code or your Mobile ID to additionally protect your documents.

  1. Log into your Docsafe account.
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab in your Docsafe.
  3. Click on Security.
  4. Select the “Access with SMS code/MobileID” security level.
    N.B. Your MobileID must be activated in the Customer Center.

Do you have a new mobile phone number?

Before changing your mobile phone number, deactivate the SMS access code in your Docsafe account. Have you already changed your mobile phone number and can no longer receive the SMS code? If so, please contact us.

Receive documents securely

Your Swisscom bill in Docsafe

Your Swisscom bill is sent directly to your Docsafe in addition to the current delivery methods (via post/e-mail). When you use Docsafe for the first time, you will find that your bills for the last 6 months have been sent.

Receiving data securely

You can also securely receive encrypted documents and bills from other companies. However, you must have subscribed to the relevant company in your Docsafe account.


Do you own a company and would like to invoice your customers via Docsafe? If so, please contact us.


Displaying and editing documents

Organising documents

Searching and finding documents

Sharing documents

Adding documents automatically

Adding documents via e-mail