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E-bill is short for "electronic bill." You receive e-bills right where you pay them - in your e-banking system.

E-bills are easy. You don't have to type in your long reference number: you can just check and pay your bills with a few clicks of the mouse. E-bills save you time and mean that you won't receive any more paper invoices.   

How e-billing works in practice:

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Access e-billing in just a few steps:

  • Sign in to your e-banking service or e-finance with Postfinance 


  • Make a one-off selection of the billing company, Swisscom Swisscom (Schweiz) AG. Enter the billing address and account (on your Swisscom bill) in the registration field..


  • You can now receive, save, and pay your Swisscom bills in e-banking with just a few clicks. You can see your current costs at any time in the Customer Centre or on the mySwisscom App.


Take advantage of many benefits:

It's easy - e-billing removes the tedious and error-prone typing in of reference numbers, amounts, and account information.

It's quick - pay your e-bills with just a few clicks.

It's paperless - the e-bill goes straight into your e-banking. You'll no longer receive paper bills. 

It's controllable - you can check your e-bill and simply not pay if you don't agree with it.

It's safe - e-billing is as safe as your e-banking system.


You can find further information about e-billing as well as some great competitions at:

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