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Paying bills

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Extend the payment period, pay in instalments, change the payment type and reactivate blocked connections.

Paying later

Would you like to pay your bill later? Check in the Customer Center to see if you can extend the payment deadline.

To arrange an extension, go to the Customer Center under menu item "Bills and costs". Click the bill in question and select "Extend payment deadline".

Customer Center: New design, new name

Since February, the Swisscom online Customer Center for Residential Customers will have a new look. It has also been rebranded “My Swisscom”.

If the "Extend payment deadline" link is not displayed, it will not be possible to extend the payment period. For each bill the payment period can only be extended once. You cannot extend the payment deadline for bills you agreed to pay in instalments.

Paying in instalments

Swisscom offers you the possibility to pay your bills in instalments. You can check in the Customer Center if an instalment plan is available for individual bills:

The followinng bills can be paid in instalments: 

  • Minimum instalment amount: CHF 50. –
  • The bills must not date back any further than 6 months
  • A maximum of 12 instalments can agreed

Reactivate blocked account

If you fail to pay your bills, your account will be blocked. You will notice this from the following

  • No phone reception.
  • You will hear the following message when you try to make a call: "Your connection has been blocked."
  • You will see the following message when you try to visit a web page: "Your connection has been blocked."

Activate a blocked connection in just a few clicks in the Customer Center. Click on "Reactivate connection" in the unpaid bill that lead us to block your connection and check if you can unblock your connection by paying your billl. You can pay directly by credit card or simply unblock it and pay within the next 7 days.

After unlocking, it can take up to two hours until your connection is working again. This depends on system capacity and cannot be speeded up. If your mobile fails to work after being unblocked, switch it off temporarily to allow it to log back into the network.

Payment options

You receive e-bills where you pay them, directly within your e-banking service. This has a number of benefits:

  • Convenience: With e-banking, there is no need to spend time and potentially make mistakes keying in lengthy reference numbers, bill amounts or account information.
  • Speed: E-bills are paid in just a few clicks of the mouse
  • No paper: The e-bill is settled directly within your e-banking account. You no longer receive any paper
  • Control: You are responsible for checking the e-bill and rejecting it if there are any discrepancies
  • Security: E-billing is as secure as e-banking

Simply log into your e-banking or e-finance PostFinance account once and under E-bill, select Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. as the biller.

The amount to be paid will be automatically debited from your account on the due date by direct debit or Debit Direct by PostFinance. Once it is set up, you will never miss a payment again. If you do not agree with the amount debited you have 30 days within which to object.

Register for direct debit or Debit Direct.

Pay your Swisscom bill conveniently using e-banking or e-finance (PostFinance). Enter the reference number online and simply pay with the touch of a mouse button. All the required payment information is available in the Customer Center or the e-mailed bill. To avoid having to key in the payment data, simply copy the relevant data from the electronic paying-in slip and paste it into the appropriate e-banking or e-finance fields.


Go to Customer Center

More details on electronic billing and e-mail billing.

Pay overdue Swisscom bills quickly using your credit card. You can pay directly in the Customer Center or use the My Swisscom app with VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

Go to Customer Center

Go to My Swisscom App

Swiss Post charges a fee for any payments made over the post office counter. The charge depends on the bill amount and is at least CHF 0.90 (plus VAT) per payment. If you pay a Swisscom bill at a Swiss Post counter, we add on this charge.

Go to overview of Swiss Post fees.


Please note that this overview of fees does not include VAT: in line with Swiss Federal Tax Administration, Swisscom must apply additional VAT of 7.7% to these fees.


Avoid these fees by paying your bill within the payment period and using our free payment alternatives, such as e-billing, direct debit, Debit Direct or our online options for e-banking payments (Customer Center and/or billing by e-mail).


Go to Customer Center


Swisscom account data

Payment from a Swiss account:

Post office account: 87-693077-7

(IBAN: CH81 0900 0000 8769 3077 7)

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Alte Tiefenaustrasse 6
CH-3050 Bern

Payment from a foreign account:

Bank account: 298829-81

(IBAN: CH18 0483 5029 8829 8100 0)

Clearing: 4835

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Alte Tiefenaustrasse 6
CH-3050 Bern

Important: Please always quote the bill number or your telephone number in the payment reference line.



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